Mobile Harbour Crabes

Mobile harbour cranes are versatile, heavy-duty machines designed for efficient and flexible cargo handling in ports and harbours. They play a crucial role in the shipping industry by facilitating the loading and unloading of various types of cargo, such as containers, bulk materials, and heavy lift items.

Portable Container Crane

The portal container crane is characterized by its unique "portal" structure, which consists of a horizontal overhead beam supported by two vertical columns on either side. This structure allows the crane to straddle over multiple rows of containers, rail tracks, or trucks, providing flexibility and efficient use of space within the port.
Some key features of Lagendijk portal container cranes include:

High lifting capacity
These cranes are capable of lifting heavy loads, typically ranging from 40 to 100 tons, making them suitable for handling a wide variety of container sizes and weights.

Fast and precise operation
Advanced control systems allow portal container cranes to operate quickly and accurately, minimizing the time required to load and unload ships and improving overall port efficiency.

Customizable design
Portal container cranes can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a port, including variations in height, span, and lifting capacity.

Environmental considerations
Modern portal container cranes are often designed with eco-friendly features, such as energy-efficient motors and regenerative braking systems, which help reduce the crane's environmental impact. Lagendijk’s innovative design and advanced technology make portal container cranes an indispensable part of modern port operations.

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