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Lagendijk was founded by the Lagendijk family in 2016, thanks to the sale of a former offshore discipline. This transaction allowed the newly established company to focus more on the manufacturing of specialist products in a broader market segment.

In 2017, Lagendijk started to focus more on tailor-made equipment and machinery for the dredging industry. After successfully completing a number of projects for leading international dredging companies, Lagendijk has experienced considerable growth.

With this newly acquired experience, in early 2018, the company was ready to take the next step as a modern technology and service provider for renewable energy, offshore, shipping and inland shipping industries.

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How it all


In 1898, by Mr. V. Lagendijk founded the family’s very first business. At that time, the company started as a painting and wheel-making company.


In 1975, Tom Lagendijk and his brother took over the family business and made developments in the direction of metalwork and repair. Thanks to the busy shipping traffic through the Zuid-Beveland canal and the Wemeldinge locks, the company further developed their main focus towards crane construction, construction work and ship repair.


In 2005, Tom Lagendijk and his son, Peter Lagendijk, made the move to a larger building in order to  develop the company step by step.


In 2016, the company took on its current form under the name LWC Group. The knowledge is the same, the only change is the name.